ABOUT The YACC Project

Young and Consciously Connected (YACC) is an initiative that supports a holistic, integrated approach to the development of young people, particularly those aged 15 - 18 years and in their final years of secondary education.

The YACC Project is the brainchild and creation of Veronica Smith, educator, trainer and parent, as the result of 30+ years working with and alongside young people and their families.

Recognising that traditional forms of schooling were inadequately preparing an ever increasing number of students, she created a program of future planning that catered for the unique personalities of ALL young people, preparing them for a world that is fast-paced and demanding in ways that other, older generations struggle to understand.

The YACC Project offers a range of programs that help young people develop a ”Brightness of Future”. They will:

  1. Develop increased self-awareness – “consciousness”
  2. Develop increased confidence
  3. Make positive choices
  4. Develop meaningful and inspiring Career Pathway Plans
  5. Develop successful education plans
  6. Develop Leadership and Employability skills
  7. Prepare for the workforce and other post secondary options